RVA4WIT Guidelines & Policies

Exclusive RV Camping Network for Winnebago's WIT Club!

Welcome to RV Adventures, the Exclusive RV Camping Network for Winnebago's WIT Club! We are excited to have teamed with Winnebago to bring the best camping value to the WIT Club members. RV Adventures is a premier camping network with over 230 resorts located in 39 states and 8 Canadian provinces. We continue to add more campgrounds to the RV Adventure system, bringing even more value to your WIT Club membership. Dollar for dollar, you will not find better value with more camping opportunities anywhere.

The managing team of RV Adventures has been in the camping business for over twenty years. Our hands-on approach and friendly, knowledgeable reservation agents make membership-style camping simple and painless for you. Simply call our toll-free number (800) 934-3443 and we'll start helping you plan your next trip.

 Stay 'in-the-know' via our quarterly newsletters and website updates for valuable camping tips, travel discounts, new destinations and other opportunities. Our ever-expanding network and family-friendly programs means there are options to fit every family's needs.

 Welcome to the fastest growing camping program in the industry! Nobody does camping like RV Adventures!


Amy Riser, RVA President

Hassle Free Travels With RV Adventures 

One of the major goals for the RVA System has been to keep all procedures simple for the members. That’s why using the RVA System is as easy as a single phone call. No cards to keep track of, no complicated restrictions, and no uncertainty about being accepted or having a site waiting for you. With the RVA sytem, you can relax and travel within the system where you are truly a valued member. The RVA system consists of RV Adventure Affiliated Resorts (RVA), which offer $15 to $35 / night camping, a savings of up to 60% off published rates, and the Adventure Camping Network (ACN), with campgrounds offering 10-50% off published rates.

RVA4WIT Member Highlights

•    Toll-free calls for campsite reservations

•    Up to three (3) reservations at one time

•    Usage at ACN Resorts

•    RV Adventure Resorts 

•    Camping Guide

•    Website: www.rva4wit.com

Length of stay
Members may use campsites up to two (2) separate seven (7) night stays at each RVA Affiliate Resort.

Exclusionary Period
Following any overnight stay of three (3) or more nights, member must remain out of the RVA system a minimum of seven (7) nights before resuming camping in the RVA system. Members have access to ACN parks all of the time.

Nightly Camping Fees
The nightly camping fee at all RVA Affiliate Resorts is $15 to $35 per night for a standard site including water and 30-amp service.  Additional fees for cable, WiFi, 50-amp service, or other resort amenities may apply.   Reservations are required to receive the RVA rate, call 1(800) 934–3443.

Membership Identification
All members must present a valid RVA Membership Card at time of check in. If your RVA Membership Card is lost or stolen, replacement cards may be obtained by sending $10.00 to RV Adventures, P.O. Box 430, Gunnison, CO 81230. If your card is lost or stolen while on the road, please call Member Services.

Resort Rental Accommodations
Resort rental accommodations are available to members at the resort’s rates. Reservations for rentals must be made directly through the resort you are planning to visit. Some resorts may require advance reservations and some may require a deposit. Please consult this guide for phone numbers.

Membership Dues
You will be billed for your annual dues on the anniversary date of joining the RVA camping network.


As a member of RVA you have access to the Adventure Camping Network (ACN), which is a nationwide network of non-membership RV parks and campgrounds.

The Adventure Camping Network has been designed to supplement your RVA membership by offering additional facilities along major traveling routes and throughout many destination areas. Enjoy the convenience of toll-free calling for reservations through our central reservations system when you use the Adventure Camping Network.

Your camping Network represents a significant value when compared to other programs which offer nominal discounts off published rates. As an ACN Member you pay a discounted nightly fee. The nightly fee includes water and electric utilities. Additional fees for cable, sewer hookup, and park amenities may apply.  All RVA members have access to the Adventure Camping Network.

•    Discounted camping with rates of up to 50% off published rates.
•    Convenience of toll-free calls to make reservations.
•    Security of confirmed campsites.
•    Non-membership RV parks and campgrounds.
•    Emphasis on destination areas and major travel routes.


Members agree to comply with the policies and procedures established by RVA and Adventure Camping Network for the management of the system.

Members agree to adhere to the individual rules, regulations, and guidelines established by RVA Affiliate Resorts and ACN Campgrounds.

Members are responsible for any damage at RVA Affiliate Resorts or ACN Campgrounds caused by them or their guest(s).

Failure to abide by the rules, regulations, and policies of RVA or the individual RVA Affiliate Resorts or ACN Campgrounds may be cause for suspension or termination of your RVA privileges.

If, at any time, you experience what you consider “difficulty” with an RVA Affiliate Resort or ACN Campground, we ask that you immediately contact RVA Member Services at 1(800) 934–3443.

If there are camping resorts you would like to suggest be added to the RVA reciprocal system, or to the ACN Network please advise us of the resorts name and address along with any names of personnel you may know at the resort.




Who may join This membership?

The general public cannot join RVA Camping Programs. Only members of resorts affiliated with RVA or organizations / clubs approved by RVA may join. This ensures that the RVA Affiliated Resorts will host our members according to the rules of the RVA membership. This also ensures that our members will be greeted with courtesy when using the camping system.


When can I start making reservations?

Your permanent membership card should reach you within 60 days from the time your application is received by RVA, if your application is completely and correctly filled out and the membership fee has been paid. You may start making reservations upon the day you enroll in RVA Camping Program by using the Temporary Membership card and calling reservations at 1(800) 934–3443.


Do I always have to make reservations in advance?

If you wish to be guaranteed a site and only pay the RVA Camping rate you must make reservations in advance. We recommend making reservations as far in advance as possible. You may make reservations up to ninety (90) days in advance. Sites are reserved on a first call, first served basis, and RVA cannot guarantee availability at a resort.  Very few, if any, RVA Affiliated Resorts will allow drive-in members the RVA Camping rate of $15 to $35 per night. Our Affiliated Resorts will accept reservations the same day as your arrival if there is a site available.


Why do you charge a $20.00 “No Show” Fee?  

This is a courtesy to our Affiliated Resorts. When we make a reservation for one of our members, our Affiliated Resorts reserve a site for this reservation. If the member does not show up nor call to cancel their site, it sits empty. The Affiliated Resort is not able to sell that site to another camper. They must be compensated for reserving that empty site.


Am I able to stay at the same park consecutively under different memberships?

No.  The rights to reciprocal use are not combined between different camping affiliation memberships. No park is obligated to host a member under different affiliations for a member’s consecutive visit.


How do I receive updates?

RVA’s online site, www.rva4wit.com has current updates, an RV community, RV directory and other resources. We also send member newsletters in between guide publications.


Will the resorts in the system always be the same?

All affiliated resorts are independently owned and operated.  RVA cannot guarantee that any affiliate resort will remain affiliated with RVA.  We do, however, continuously seek to add resorts to our system.


Are there annual fees for RVA?

Yes. In order to remain in good standing with RVA and receive the discounted RVA rates, you must pay your annual dues to RVA within 60 days of their due date.  Any member who allows their RVA membership to lapse for more than 60 days will be required to pay a reinstatement fee of $250.00 in addition to the current annual dues. RV Adventures, a division of Adventure Outdoor Resorts, owned by AOResorts, LLC is an independent contractor and in no way associated with the ownership, management or operations of Winnebago Industries, Inc. or Winnebago's WIT Club.

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